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Nimbus PainPRO Pump Patient
Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I tell my pump is working properly?
    The Nimbus II PainPRO is designed to give you feedback to reassure you that it’s delivering medication at the proper rate and dosage. While the Nimbus pump is running, there will always be information on the screen to indicate that it is functioning appropriately. When the pump is infusing medication, a fluid bag icon will show near the top right corner of the display screen. The rate the pump is running will display in large font in the middle of the screen. Below the rate, a status bar is displayed alternating between 3 lines of information: 1. VTBI: the Volume of medicine To Be Infused 2. VINF: the Volume of medicine INFused so far 3. Next DB: After a bolus dose has been delivered, Next DB shows a lockout timer counting down the minutes and seconds remaining before the Bolus key will once again become active allowing a next Bolus dose.
  • The green LED light disappeared. Is my pump working correctly?
    As long as you see numbers on the screen and the fluid bag icon, your pump is working correctly. The green LED light will show for 10 minutes after any button press and then “go to sleep”. This is normal.
  • Will I see the medication infusing?
    The fluid in the medication bag is clear, so while the pump is running, it’s unlikely that you will see the medication flow through the tubing. However, there will always be information for you on the screen to reassure you that the pump is running appropriately.
  • How can I request an extra bolus of medication from the pump?
    As per your physician’s instructions, press the Bolus key to request an extra dose of medicine. If a bolus dose has been enabled on your pump and is not within the demand bolus lockout period, the pump will deliver a bolus to help manage your pain.
  • Is it safe to request a bolus more than once?
    If your infusion was programmed to allow a bolus dose, a “lockout” period will also have been preset by your anesthesia care team. If another bolus dose is requested during the “lockout” period the PainPRO pump will automatically deny the request until the lockout timer has counted down to zero.
  • Can I shower with the pump?
    Follow your physician’s instructions regarding bathing after your surgery. If it is allowed, be sure to keep the Nimbus II PainPRO pump out of the shower or tub away from running water so the pump does not get wet.
  • Can I fly with the pump?
    Follow your physician’s instructions regarding taking an extended trip or flying. The Nimbus II PainPRO pump can be used in-flight; however, your airline may have other questions or restrictions. It is advisable you may want to check with them first before arriving for your flight.
  • Can the pump be worn during an MRI?
    No, the Nimbus II PainPRO is not indicated for use in an MR environment.
  • Where can I find troubleshootubing instructions?
    Assistance with your Nimbus II PainPRO pump can be available by contacting your anesthesia care team or by calling the InfuTronix 24/7 Patient Support hotline at (844) 479-8500. We are available 24 hours a day to answer a question about your pump, however cannot provide any clinically related advice.
  • Can my pump be refilled
    Contact your anesthesia care team for advice related to extending the duration of your therapy. They will be best suited to evaluate your condition.
  • My pump was set with a delay start. When will the infusion begin?
    When the PainPRO II is in Delay Start mode, a yellow or amber LED light will display near the right corner of the pump and an onscreen timer will count down in hours and minutes the time remaining before the pump starts the infusion. When the clock counts down to zero the pump will begin the infusion automatically. There isn’t anything else required for you to do.
  • Can I cancel the delay and begin the infusion sooner?
    While the PainPRO II pump is running in Delay Start mode, a patient has full control over their pain management. As instructed by your anesthesia care team, if the surgical pain increases, the patient can press and hold the bolus button for 3 seconds to cancel the delay. This action will deliver an immediate bolus of medication (as preset by your physician) and then begin the infusion when the bolus is finished.
  • Can I see how much medication has been delivered so far?
    When the pump is infusing medication, the Volume infused so far (VINF) is displayed on the bottom of the screen alternating between VTBI, VINF and Next DB.
  • Can the infusion rate on my pump be changed?
    Consult your anesthesia care team for any changes to your infusion therapy. They will determine whether a change to the medication dose is necessary and determine the best way to proceed.
  • Can the bolus infusion be cancelled?
    Yes. First press and hold the yellow "Run/Stop" key for 3 seconds placing the bolus infusion into pause mode. The pump will wait for input from you about what action to take next. Press the yellow "Run/Stop" key to resume the infusion. Press green "OK" key after the automatic therapy review is completed. Then press the down arrow to highlight and select “Cancel Dose” and press the key to cancel the bolus delivery before the pump resumes the infusion at the rate programmed by your anesthesia care team.
  • My therapy is completed. What do I do with the pump?
    When your therapy is completed the pump will provide an “Infusion Complete” alert. The display screen will show 000 mL remaining to be infused and an audible alert will sound. Press the yellow "Run/Stop" key to silence the audible alarm. Then press and hold the "On/Off" key for 3 seconds to power off the pump. Follow the return shipping instructions provided by your anesthesia care team for disposing of your catheter and the Nimbus PainPRO pump.
  • How do I turn off the pump?
    If your pump is infusing medication, first press and hold the yellow "Run/Stop" key to pause the infusion and then hold the "On/Off" key for 3 seconds to power off the pump.
  • How will my catheter be removed?
    Follow the instructions provided by your anesthesia care team regarding catheter removal.
  • How long will the battery last?
    The performance life from the battery shipped with your Nimbus pump has 240 hours / 1500mL of operation. The battery is non-rechargeable.
  • When will I know if the battery is getting low?
    A battery gauge will show on the display screen to indicate the performance life remaining in the onboard battery. If the battery is nearly empty, the pump will give a “Battery Depleted” alert to indicate 30 minutes left before the pump will shut off and you will need to change the battery. The battert is non-rechargeable.
  • Can the pump be plugged in and run?
    Yes. Using a micro USB cable and wall adapter the Nimbus II PainPRO pump can be plugged in and powered by wall power rather than the battery.
  • My pump says Downstream Occlusion. What do I do?
    Please view our Downstream Occlusion video for a complete answer.

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